A brief about me

Hello! I am Carol, a brazilian computer engineer entrepeneur.

I started my working journey very young when I was 17. Since then I did so many things as was humanly possible! I always had a growing need for knowledge, and I always believed that new experiences are the best way to improve myself.

I became a freelancer in 2005, and I've had a long path experimenting and evolving until I find my two passions: design and coding. I've made brand identity and web development my main stages.

In 2010 co-founded the Q3 AgĂȘncia da Mudança (The Agency of Changing), a human resources training and management company focused on human development within organizations and personal growth.

Personal growth is an addiction to me.

In 2012 I decided to expand my career and started my five years graduation in Computer Engineering.

If you want more detailed information about my experiences and skills, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

This site is still under construction. I'll be updating my portfolio. Check out the development page!